Sunday, 26 May 2013

Thought of The day - nevered.

It didn’t?!

It did.

She wasn’t?!

She was.

She never?!

She nevered.

She hasn’t!?

She has, and it would be grammatically correct if you knew what I was talking about.

I do! Ms Penny, the floor gave way, she was in The Tunnels of Time for too long. She fell into a comma and has been on a word support machine ever since.

Exactly! But there’s news!

There is?!

There is. She’s better. She discharged herself and has gone home to The Archives.

That’s good news.

There’s more!

There can’t be?!

There can; she’s having an opening day at The Tunnels in June, and we are all invited.


It’s a big place.

That’s it?

That’s it.

But we can’t stop there, the post hasn't finished the way it started.

My God you’re right – it didn’t!


Anonymous said...

Just did from Nefty to here - more blogs than 1 and I loved them all
thanks Tops x

popps said...

Does that mean you have discovered the secret bit?!!