Sunday, 23 October 2011

Thought of The day 38

How old do you think you are?

What do you mean, “think”, I’m 56.

No, how old do you THINK you are?

I don’t understand you?

Look sunshine, it’s not complicated – this is “Thought of The Day” the bit of bits(nbobs) where every Sunday we have a chat and a THINK!

I thought we talked about films.

Oh yes, we do SOMETIMES! Last week we spoke about Drive and four weeks before that we spoke about This Must be the Place, but sometimes we just muse.


Yeah, muse.

Like muse-um? Or muse-li?

Don’t be stupid; anyway I think I now know the answer. It’s 6.

What is?

How old you think you are.

No it isn’t! I’m 56!

Ok, don’t shout, blimey – I was just trying to get a dialogue going!

Why are you asking anyway? How old do you think YOU are?

Ah, now there’s a question. I was thinking about that just this week.

You were?

I were. You see, I bumped into someone who said I didn’t look as old as I say I am and I started to think about age.


Yep, by the way – did you see that a one hundred year old man had finished, not last, in the Toronto marathon?

Toronto? Didn’t we talk about Toronto last week?

Well, we mentioned it; we were really talking about the film Drive.

Isn’t Toronto the place that Mary lives?

Might be.

So really, you want to talk about Mary. Again!

No, I want to know HOW OLD YOU THINK YOU ARE!!!

Ok, ok, cool…… I think I’m 56.

You do? I don’t. I KNOW I’m 56, but I think I’m….. well, that’s the thing see – a few years ago, fairly recently in fact…

Hey, I’m sorry to interrupt you, but how can “a few years ago” be “recently”?

When you are 56.


So, as I was saying, until recently I would have said i think I’m 28. But, and here’s the thing, I very recently realised that I THINK, I’m a bit older. Thirty-ish.

Is this in anyway significant, our readers need to know?

Well, I’m in the process of formulating a new theory about life.

You are?

I are – it goes like this – we have an actual age, and an age at which we feel we are and they are not the same. One is our physical age and one our thought age.

Don’t you mean mental age?

No that’s different.

It is?

Yes, shut up! The thought age is what you believe you are, in your heart.

Shouldn’t we call it your heart age then?

Yeah, maybe – ok, let’s.

So what’s your theory?

That the physical age, er, ages, each year, whereas the heart age ages in leaps and bounds. As long as the difference between the two is significant everything will be ok.


That’s my thought this week, I have noticed that my heart age has taken a small leap, from the twenties to the thirties and now I wonder if in fact our life continues like this, step by step for the physical, leap and bound for the heart and that one day you wake up and feel/think/realise/know that they are both the same, and then - that’s it.

That’s it?

Finish. Full stop.

What, the theory?

No, the life – though yes, the theory too.

560 words just to tell me that?

It might help you.


Stay young.

I read something about that this week.

You did?

I did – in The Guardian Newspaper.

Which one?

The weekly edition.

What did it say?

Hang on, I’ve got a quote somewhere…… here it is…… “…the concept of age-appropriate behaviour has little meaning. We don’t structure our lives around the inevitability of decline and death because we prefer to ignore it. Perpetual motion is a hallmark of the condition; we are prone to overwork, to adventuring. Nothing banishes those pesky intimations of mortality more effectively than illicit sex or emotional drama or some high-octane combination of the two."

Hmm, interesting, can i think about that?

Sure, take your time - but remember, you're not getting any younger!

By the way – which edition of The Guardian weekly was this?

The 27 May to June edition.

Oh, recent!

Yeah, you see i figure that by reading newspapers several months after their publication date you can slow down time.

You are delusional.

Maybe, but looking younger than i say apparently!

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