Sunday, 26 June 2011

Thought of the (self-Portrait) Day 25

Someone once described you as CPP.


No, that was CCP.


CPP - creative, passionate, poetical.



They did?

They did.


Yep, and they went on and said that you seem to want to embrace everything you see hear, experience and share it.

Who was this, Mary?

No, someone else!

She sounds cool, I would like to meet this person!

You would?

I would!!


And what?

And what then?

What do you mean what then?

I mean – and what then?

Be passionate!

Ha, I knew it. Typical. Someone pays you a complement and all you can think of doing is embracing them.

And experiencing them!

Don’t be so graphic.



I was joking.

You were?

I, well, sort of.

You certainly weren’t being poetic.

Roses are red, violets are blue, I can row a boat,canoe?


Can you – it’s a poem.


I went to a dinner party a few days back.

You did?

I did.

How was it?

Weird – when we arrived, the host was meditating so we were left to look at a picture of his guru.

His Guru, he has a guru?

Had, the guru is no more.

What did he look like?

The host?

No, the Guru.

Why do you assume it was a man?

Er, because you didn’t say Gura.


Yes it’s Latin – Guru, Gura, Gurum.

You speak Latin?

I’m learning.


In case I meet anyone from Latin.

Whatever……… I went to the cinema this week.

Are you changing the subject?

What subject?

Latin guras who say nice things.




Ok – fine, be like that. What did you see?

Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom?

Animal Kingdom. It’s an Australian film.

You went to Australia?

No, it came here to my local cinema – I got there a few minutes late so I missed the very, very beginning.

The very-very beginning?

Yeah the bit where the main character’s mum dies and he gets invited to live with his Grandma.

How did she die?

Heroin overdose.

What did his grandma think about that?

I’m not sure, she might have provided the heroin.

She might?

She might – I didn’t see the very-very beginning remember.

Why not?

I was buying pizza and working out how to smuggle it into the cinema.

Did you?

I did, it was delicious.

This wasn’t any ordinary Grandma was it?

No, she was the head of a family of criminals.

Good film?

Well, it’s not light entertainment, and you don’t come out laughing – but the performances are excellent, there’s a strong narrative and there is a masterful cinematic rendition of tension throughout.

I think your sentence creativity got away from you there.

Better not to share it?


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