Sunday, 5 June 2011

Thought of The (Self Portrait) Day 22

Did you know it was Self Portrait Month here at Bitsnbobs?

I did

You did?

I did!

Why didn’t you tell me?

I thought you knew.

You thought I knew?

I thought you knew!

How WOULD I know?

How would I know?

Ok, I think we’ve exhausted that one – but what are we going to do?

What do you mean?

How are we going to do what we normally do here on Sundays and also respect Self-Portrait Month?

What do we normally do?



This, and talk about Mary.

You like her don’t you?

I’d like to squeeze her!

Whatever, move along – have you been to the cinema since we last spoke?

I have!

You have?

I have!!

Cool – what did you see, Self-Portrait by any chance?

Is there a film called Self-Portrait?

I don’t know, hang on …..

It doesn’t matter – I didn’t see it even if it does exist.

What did you see?

The Tree of Life, made by whatshis name.



That’s it. And?




What’s it about?

Well, love? Or, life?

Life maybe – it’s in the title.

Or trees?

Any trees in it?

Yeah lots, maybe the same one, though we see a little one planted too.

When it was younger?


So – it’s about trees?

No – there’s a family, three kids – brothers – two parents - man and woman – a tragedy and a lot of memories.

And the tree?

Shut up about the tree!

You started it!

Didn’t !

Did too!

Whatever – it’s a difficult film to sum up – it starts in narrative, goes into National Geographic style – for quite a long time – and then goes back into narrative just before you fall asleep – and the narrative is not in chronological order being as its mainly the memories of the main character who you hardly ever see.

How can they be the main character then?

Well it’s like self-portrait here at Bitsnbobs – it’s all about the main character but do we ever see him?

We should.

We should?

In a self- portrait.

We should!

Will we?

How would I know?

How would you know? You know him don’t you?



I thought that was you!



Let’s sleep on it.


The bed?


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Mary said...

No wonder I've been feeling so 'squeezed' lately.

Tell HIM to call me to discuss further.

Wink Wink

Nudge Nudge


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