Thursday, 5 May 2011

That heavy layer.

At this table , a family sometimes sits.

A noisy table then, full of laughter, burps and farts.

Silent now.


It has been for a while.

The presence of scattered memories bear testimony to the recent past.

A pot of sun cream - factor 50; an i-pod base, empty; a jar of raspberry jam and one of apricot, both forgotten; salt – most tables have it; three fried egg shaped egg cups – also empty; an i-love you tin; a pot of flowering chive stalks – water needs changing, strong smell of onions; designer Evian bottle- unopened; box of cereal (free whistle inside – I hope it’s the yellow one); an un-wrapped Easter egg; box of matches; pile of unopened mail, unread newspapers, unfinished notes.


A heavy layer of absence lies over everything.


Anonymous said...

your breaking my heart!

youre not alone, as you say just waiting.

just a bit of absence
but those egg cups will have an egg in soon.......


popps said...

sorry, i don't want to break your heart.
And as they say, absence makes.........

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