Friday, 6 May 2011

Love Supreme.

Yesterday I was a bit sombre, sorry.

It happens.

Today though, is an almost perfect day!

I woke with no alarm, just the slow soft touch of the sun through an open window. I walked across the bridge, stopped and looked at the river, took a coffee in the sun, paid my son’s rent, drove from centre town to centre forest, had new tyres put on the car before the police forced me to, bought a CD version of John Coltrane’s “Love Supreme” and drove home listening to saxophone and double bass.

And it’s only 11.30!

What now?

A whole blue day stretching ahead, temperatures warm enough to put me back into the sea and nobody expecting anything.

That’s the paradox of being alone.

Sombre one moment, light the next.

It’s exhausting!


Janet Bianchini said...

Being alone is many things indeed, but the chance to do whatever one pleases whenever one wants, is quite energising for me.

Hope you continue to enjoy your solitariness..and the lovely views.

popps said...

thank you Janet, i'm in the hammock now.

Janet Bianchini said...

Lucky you!! I'm just taking a breather from garden duties. The sun is finally shining in Abruzzo and I can start sorting out all my seedlings. In addition, 4 extra little mouths to feed in the shape of Samantha's kittens, are also suitable distractions from working virtually.

popps said...

I SHOULD be doing that, but.., damm, .. now i feel guilty!

DaveESLetc said...

As one who has spent a lot of time alone (but only a little lonely) I can relate. Here's to temperatures warm enough for the sea (and spending next week at the beach)!

Janet Bianchini said...

Please don't feel guilty on my account, or so the phrase goes! Just sit back in your lovely hammock and enjoy the peace and quiet and sheer bliss of just chillaxing! I would if I had a hammock..

popps said...

Hi dave , thanks for dropping in. Since i got in the hammock the sky has clouded over, wind picked up and now i might have to get out and work!
hey, how did the engagement go?

popps said...

Janet you NEED to get a hammock, they are soooooooo right!

Anne Hodgson said...

I remember the ache of being alone when we had a distance relationship for two years. I couldn't bear to wash his coffee cup after he'd gone. The aura of things he'd touched! Our solution was to get married. Now, after 19 years, I still feel the ache on Monday mornings when he leaves for Berlin, knowing he won't "really" be "here" until the coming weekend. Head full of a working life I don't share in. So it's good to make sure to have a room of one's own. Or a hammock!

popps said...

hammocks as therapy!

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