Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Postcards from......?

Although some will say that It is the price you have to pay for going away on holiday, I have noticed that recently I’ve been getting some pretty weird comments here at Bitsnbobs.

Aggressive spam filters, set in place by the people unknown to me, dump most of it in my e-mail- not on the blog – so you, the cherished reader have missed a lot!

Here’s a chance to catch up.

It all started very innocently, in Spanish when “anonymous” left the following comment on the post “Act One” – which as in stands is an un-finished work in theatrical progress.

They commented thus – ": ЎHola! Bravo, me parece, es la frase magnГ¬fica “

And then spoiled the anonymity by adding –“Nicolas

I like Spanish as well as the next man, hang on, let’s see who the next man is……..

Today it’s a black cat, so maybe I like Spanish BETTER than the next man.

A few days later this appeared on the post “Hello” – which the last time I checked is just an introduction to my blog in a blog about San Francisco.

Qqdwqdsaas ascaassc fdrewe:

"Ha!" cried Cnut, "'tis lusty Siward of our archers! How now, Siward
us as this _Happy Despatch_ (whereby I have lost fourteen good fellows dead

King Cnut is about all I can make out about this one – didn’t he sit in a deckchair and tell the sea to stop coming in or something?

So maybe there is a connection, San Francisco has the ocean all around it and only two days ago, sigh, I was surrounded and IN, the Mediterranean sea, a very fine place to be.

And then things started to get interesting indeed!

My post – A Hyphanated Insult – a missive about French, translation and swearing, attracted the following comment.

“That which one least anticipates soonest comes to pass.”

Clearly a thought worth pondering.


That’s probably enough.

And finally, but in no way leastly, here is the comment that appeared, once again anonymously on the post “Was that the Year that Was” – where I asked the question whether 1969 was THE year of years.

Anonymous said –

“how to crochet a flower
how to crochet a hat
how to crochet a scarf
how to crochet for beginners
how to crochet granny squares
how to crochet left handed
this is what I have: - file anti-virus - mail anti-virus - web anti-virus - im anti-virus - firewall - anti-spam - anti-phishing - anti-banner Is that all I need, or is there something I'm missing? Full stars for the best answer : )

Well, well, well.

Three holes in the ground.

What’s it all about eh?


Mary said...

Sad this morning :-(

Last night Conservative Party won a majority in Canada with just under 40% of the popular vote. A dark day I think for those of us who believe in honesty, transparency and democracy. A very dirty and negative campaign was waged filled with misinformation.

Other results -- Centrist Liberal party has been reduced to 3rd place status, Quebec separatist party has been wiped out after 20 dominant years, and left wing party is now the official opposition.

Have to write a newsletter today about the benefits of being an informed and engaged voter for Elections Canada. My heart's not in it but must meet deadline.

Nice to hear about your vacation. Don't know where Antibes is but will look it up on Google when I get a chance.

Weather is still not cooperating -- the high today will reach 8 degrees if we are lucky and, of course, it is pouring rain.


Mary said...

PS -- When I asked BnB's 'Box of random answers' whether our Conservatives would win a majority, the answer was 'NO'. How could The BOX be wrong?


popps said...

Clearly the "Box"does not consider 40 per cent to constitute a majority.

And i agree with the box!

The majority clearly voted elsewhere.

Antibes, by the way, is between Cannes and Nice.

Pretty close to Italy!

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