Monday, 2 May 2011

In Antibes

This (a sculpture by Spanish Artist Jaume Plensa) is – on the harbour wall looking out to sea.

A Picasso museum too – is.

The snow-capped Alps in the background are not exactly - they are across the bay, behind Nice.

The blue sky, blue sea is; both.

The swallows are.

It’s Summer there.

My loves are - still.

I was.


Mary said...



popps said...

I'm back?
it's May 2nd?
There's snow here too?

Anonymous said...

Hi dear family I love you all - just about to do 2 weeks tech and put on show - trying to juggle an orchestra and cast of 33 in a promenade am mad also have two new kittens - just distracting myself till you back - as I said I love you all xxxxx

popps said...

two new Kittens!!!
what are their names?
we need to know!!

ps good luck!

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