Sunday, 17 April 2011

Thought Of the Day 15

So, are you ready to talk about The King’s Speech?

Are you?

Why me, it’s your Thought of The Day, remember?

Yeah, well, you know what my Thought today is?


It’s a beautiful day, let’s get out there and play.

But the readers need to know about The King’s Speech, you promised.





Oh grow up, they’ve all seen it, they gave it some Oscars, everybody’s happy.

Oh, touchy today aren’t you?


What’s got your goat this time?

I haven’t got a goat I told you that already.

You like goats though don’t you?

I do as a matter of a fact, and a particular one has just sprung to mind.

They do that don’t they?


It is.

Yep, it’s a beautiful day, let’s go out and play.


Mary said...

Just realized that you are living in a storybook -- your photos with hilltop castles, medieval towns, stone bridges, mountains and meadows remind me of the watercolour paintings that decorated books from my childhood. All of them began ... 'Once upon a time'.

By comparison, my world can often look like the series '24'.

Snowed like crazy today -- so much wind it drove the flakes and hail sideways. And cold -- minus 4 degrees.

I think that Spring will not come to T.O. this year -- as sometimes happens, it will go straight from Winter to Summer. Mx

popps said...

Once upon a time there was a Princess who had never seen the Spring....

Mary said...

A 'Dowager' Princess perhaps?


Just knowing that Spring is happening somewhere gives me hope.


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