Monday, 18 April 2011

Me and My Shadow.

You’ll probably think this is pretty insignificant, you may even accuse me of being drunk, but today I changed the positions of the handlebars on my bike – and my life has been transformed!

No longer do I feel like Quasimodo, gone are the travails of the last few months – I m speedy Gonzales reborn!

Ok, I’m probably showing my age here as well as my insanity – for younger readers here is a link that will explain Speedy Gonzales; I am assuming that you all know Quasimodo even if he predates Mr speedy.

So, you may well ask (I hope you do) why is it so crucial that the handlebars have been realigned?


A while ago someone, somewhere, in something I read advised that when moments are so, it’s good to tell yourself – This is as good as it gets.

God I wish I knew where it was that it were said….

It might have been ain a Kurt Vonnegut book…..

It might have been in a film....

When I was 17, I came home one night from seeing my girlfriend – Wendy – and I had a feeling of such euphoria that I found myself thinking that maybe life should end there because things were never going to be better.

My Mum considered that to be a very morbid thought for a teenager when I confessed it.

But today I realise that life is full of such moments, some are ephemeral some a bit longer, but each one is worth savouring, because it don’t get no better.

And repositioned handlebars are as good as it gets.


You’ll probably think this is pretty insignificant, you may even accuse me of being drunk, but there’s a heartfelt grain of badly articulated Buddhist truth within.


Anonymous said...

It's a movie with Jack Nicolson not sure if that is the title but he says the line at some point in it (in the therapists office I do seem to recall).

popps said...

Hmmmm, you could be right...
In which case.....
Which film?

Which anonymous are you?

Mary said...

According to IMDB -- in the movie 'As Good As It Gets" Jack's character says to a group of depressed psychiatric patients:

Melvin Udall: What if this is as good as it gets?

Zoom on!


popps said...

Ok, i still think that the reference i'm thinking about MIGHT be in Kurt Vonnegut's novel - Time Quake - i'll obviously have to read it again now.... if i c an find it under the pile of disorganised disorganisation that surrounds me.

Anne Hodgson said...

Loved the movie. And Vonnegut, but can't recall that quote.

popps said...

Maybe it was Bitsnbobs then?

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