Thursday, 17 April 2008


An early start as the sun rises so that i can be first in the queue at the local child benefit claim centre.

I am second but the doors are not yet open so I chat with the guy who arrived before me; we talk travel .Inside I go to room 2, the woman hasn’t taken of her leather jacket yet but has already put on a sour look; do they train them to do it?

Later after many odd jobs that needed doing I park the car and tip the seat back and open the door. The cat climbs in and settles in the sun on the dashboard and I doze, a soft breeze playing on the skin under my elbow.


Dave said...

Wow, a really early start!

popps said...

Well spotted, in fact i wrote that yesterday evening about wednesday but decided to stick it in this morning as i didn't think i would have time to say anything tonigh, family coming back rom Spain you see. But in fact they have all sat down to watch Desperate Housewives, which i really can't get into so i'm here after all.

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