Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Lost List 2

On the 9th April i spent an inordinate amount of time searching high, low and in-between for an old newspaper article listing lists; couldn't find hide, hair or tail of it.
Guess what? It turned up today at the bottom of my socks and boxer-shorts drawer, it seems to have been there since August 2004 though i do remember lending it to mike once for bed time reading, and that must have been more recently.
The journalist responsible (for the original article, not my sock drawer) Clare Rudebeck, working for The Independent, asked famous folk to provide "selections of their domestic jottings".
John Cleese offered the following:
List of newspapers that have recently interviewed me, invented a quote, used it as a headline and then failed for over a month to reply to my letter pointing this out.
The Independent
It might be the funniest thing he's written for a long time. But it might not be, i don't really know.
Simultaneously i discovered this list on my desk as i was clearing up yet another outbreak of loose papers; i know the author(ess), i love her and miss her (she is in Spain)and it made me laugh too.

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