Thursday 19 May 2022

Early One Morning, Just as The Sun was Rising.

The old guy was down by the bins again this morning; I hadn’t seen him for a long time and I told him so.

‘I’ve seen you though’ he replied.

That was a little unsettling, but I let it ride and set about smashing bottles in the bottle bank.

“Do you want this suitcase?” He suddenly asked.

“I don’t know; do I want this suitcase?  I replied, genuinely unsure. I hadn’t planned a suitcase event that day, or any time soon.

‘It’s a nice suitcase,” he explained and held it up for me to see.

It was still early in the morning and the rays of the rising sun bathed the suitcase in a providential glow.

It was a classic suitcase, not old, not new – timeless. A simple chequer pattern the corners reinforced with metal supports and a handle that looked like a type of late Bakelite.

“It’s made for travelling”, he said.

‘I like travelling”, I mumbled. I was mumbling because I was thinking. It was a nice suitcase; clean, compact and with an air of expectation which was difficult to define.

“It needs a sticker”, he said as I took it from his hands to inspect.

“And initials’.

“I have some initials “, I said, perhaps unnecessarily.

But much of the morning so far had been unnecessary.

“Here, take this”. The old boy handed me something.

I put the suitcase down on the floor, next to my feet as if I was waiting for the bus and opened the packet he had given me.

Inside were three stickers.

Stickers like you would see on the side of a suitcase well-travelled.

The first said San Francisco and had an image of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset.

The second said New York, I love You.

The third was an image of a geyser gushing with the legend Iceland.

I looked at the old Boy, but he was nowhere to be seen.

I looked at the suitcase and I saw the initials T.A. engraved next to the Bakelite handle.

I looked up and the bus door opened.


Peter said...

We have old geysers here near our bins but not as nice as round yours. Perhaps we could swap?

popps said...

We could swap, but i fear we might be swapping ourselves!
I think i am an old geyser, and you might be....
Then again, you might not be.
By the way, i was wondering - could you invent something that you could put in a suitcase, that communicated with something else that was in your pocket and then you (one) could walk through the airport with a suitcase following you, thus avoiding the need to pull or push it?