Monday, 3 January 2022

Formerly Published in The Archives (if you can find them)

It’s going to be an ace sunset tonight.

No doubt.

It’s already starting – it’s 20.35 – a few clouds, nothing heavy, are rushing to the rendez-vous.

It’s a French Sunset- well, at least the setting is.

The Sun?

I don’t know…. International, Interplanetary, Cosmic?

Why does anyone have to own anything?

Couldn’t we share?

I’m happy to share this sunset with you all, even this field – though you won’t all fit in.

We could take it in turns?

What if we took it in turns to be president/prime minister/leader?

A collective responsibility a bit like jury service?

Oh, my turn.

Would things be better?


Right now I can hear a cow bell, I think it would make a good National Anthem for a year.

Then you could choose.


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