Tuesday 30 November 2021


Mr P – he lives up the road; he’s older than me, probably wiser and drives a vintage Citroen 2CV.


‘Cos he also has a white Kia that is much more practical.

He, is quite practical; he builds things, you could say invents.

But he builds them too. Puts me to shame.

I, who have never built anything – except a show, some steps and a family.

And a cinema project, a jazz event, a football team and a shelf.

My shelf is great.

It started aa a piece of driftwood (for me) and finished as a barrier (for someone else).

Who won’t be named.

But is more important than important.

And today is far away.

But tomorrow will be here.

God willing.


It’s time to talk about this person.

Deity? Imagination? Some story invented by the incredulous.

Or someone who lives in a church?

I walked past the church today.

That was just before I bumped into someone who I knew, but had transformed her hair.

She said she had transformed herself too.

I asked her what her new name was and she replied – Galaxia.

I’ll remember that ‘cos I like the Galaxy chocolate bar.

And I’ll write it here so as not to forget.




London Joe said...

Hi Topper, I have read November's batch. I love the atmospheres you create. Best wishes for 2022

popps said...

I loved your film !!
Read November's - you must be telling me that December is empty !!
Ok - on to it!
By the way - i think you are the only one reading !!

Happy end 21 and great 22 to you and all who sail with you !!