Monday, 22 February 2021

My Niece the Time Traveller.

Apparently I should be writing something on my blog today…. My niece wrote to me on, hang on…..the 11thof February, saying how much she had enjoyed my blog post of , well, today.

One I hadn’t written THEN and am only just starting to write NOW.

Maybe I should say something about how brilliant she is, how perceptive how, what’s the word, prescient?

Or is it peculiar?

Or perhaps I should start a thought which goes along the line of …. One can only travel backwards in time… why?..... because time is only things that have happened. Once they have happened they remain happened (I’ve been reading Terry Pratchett) and therefore theoretically could be visited. On the other hand, the future is empty - as nothing has happened there yet. Of course you could go there and start something, but it would be a bit of a long shot… who knows if anyone else would pick up on it.

Then again it’s probably best to say something about the track that runs between this house and the forest I can see out of the window.

It has just started to rain so I’ve had to come in, but I’ve been in the forest a lot recently – cutting dead wood, picking it up and moving it somewhere else.

I use a wheelbarrow.

I’ve noticed that as I push the wheel barrow (full of wood- it never happens on empty) the track begins to wobble up and down like an elastic roller coaster.

It happens most (best) if I stare at my feet as I push the barrow and then look up to see where I’m going.

Up and down a bendy-wendy-wobbly-elastic-what-should-be-solid-track.

It could be the beginning of future time travel.

It could be my glasses (see here).

I’ll let you know.

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