Sunday, 10 May 2020

Confined 14.

sketchbook/april 2020


Nano seconds – how long exactly?

And do I need them?

Time is changing – I think in mornings, evenings and the time in between.

I’ve forgotten ‘days’.

J.B.Priestley wrote about this back in 1949 … what did he write?

There is mild delight in merely escaping from our new servitude to Time…. Our forefathers never seem to have bothered about hours at all.

Quatorzième lettre de l’alphabet, et la onzième des consonnes.
Désign  le nord.
Désigne l’ensemble des nombres entiers naturels.
Symbole de nano.

AH! There you go! Nano seconds – whatever they are.

N s’enploie dans les livres pour designer quelqu’un qu’on ne veut pas nommer.

There’s someone living in my house at the moment. 


N is short.

When I take a shower in the morning the shower head is level with my ribs.

And there are pickles in the fridge.

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