Tuesday, 3 September 2019

The lonely sea and the sky.

there she was, just a-walking .....

I won’t swim in the sea in the morning.

I won’t wake under the pine trees and walk across the salt flats to get there either.

Or walk back and say hello to the flamingos.

I might, just might go swimming in the river, but probably in the afternoon.

Nor will i park down by the harbour and wander down to the church.

Look in at the antique shop and haggle over the price of the old teddy bear in the window.

Nor drive through the reed beds to the sand dunes and take a second dip in the cold waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

I won’t watch the swallows playing over the sand.

And i won’t watch the sunset settle over the still waters as i eat grilled oysters and sip aniseed rosé.

Chance would be a fine thing eh?

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