Tuesday, 30 July 2019

A dozy pretence.

Oh i do.........

I was dozing in the deckchair, pablo the cat dozing on my lap as i dozed, double dozing in a way and then the rain started softly but it woke me ; it hasn’t rained for weeks  and we need it badly, so i carried the cat to the shelter of the van and then i climbed in and lay here for a bit. 

There was too much restriction for Pablo so h ejumped out and settled on the sofa outside, i stayed here, a cup of tea was offered , i accepted and then i started to orgnise some pepers that ren’t papers anumore but computer files and i found a set of things i wrote some time ago – i don’t remember when and they all began with ‘the’  the yoga mat, the van etc  and i thought i should tie them all together with this but i can’t be bothered with punctuation which might make it difficult for you to read but i’m sorry , you(ll have to cope ‘cos i feel lazy – first day not on holiday, ‘cos i’m back home.


  NOT formerly published in The Archives.

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