Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Summer Slumming.

a field/a festival/last saturday

What happened to the summer?

It’s slumming.

And you?

Taking it easy.

What’s the difference?

Slumming, I was doing that yesterday; today I’m taking it easy but actively.

Actively taking it easy or easily taking it active?

The latter. First stop, after this cup of hot lime-juice will be a run. The temperature is perfect.

The lime-juice is the perfect temperature?

Well it is as it so happens, but i was referring to the air temperature.

Have you noticed, by the way, that the grammar check isn’t at all happy with ‘lime-juice’? We’ve tried ‘lime juice’, ‘lime-juice’ and ‘limejuice’. It’s highlighted each as an error.

I could make a cup of tea.

You are not being serious.

If the summer can’t be, why should i?

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