Monday 12 June 2017

Aunt Tiffany's Emporium.

Open doors/The Mue/Exhibit X

Can I just ask you a quick question about the Mue?

You may.


Why what?

Why is it called the Mue?

It’s short for Museum.

Ah. You could call it the Mud. You SHOULD call it the Mud.

I could call it the Omud, but I’m not going to.

Surely you mean the Omued?

That as well, I could call it Aunt Taffy’s Emporium, but I don’t.

Who’s Aunt Taffy?

She’s organising the Open Doors day.

The Open Doors Day? The Mud is having an open doors?

The Mue is; we can’t rebrand it at this stage.

Can I come?

You can, you can see the doors if you want.

Where are they?

In the back of the car, I had to pick them up on the way home.  
open doors

Where from?


Does Tiffany know Taffy?

That’s a good question; I think she should. Let’s say she does.

She does.

Thank you.

By the way, some people are saying that this Museum of Unexpected Content is just stuff you keep finding left in the photocopying machine by persons or person unknown.

That’s a scandal! Only yesterday The Mue received donations from a young bearded man who was rummaging through a rubbish bin on the lamppost outside the second hand stuff yard.
the mue/another unexpected donation

Stuff yard?

Yard full of stuff.

What did he donate?


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