Tuesday, 30 May 2017

The Fabled Fourth.

madrid/March 2017

I noticed something the other day.

Really? No one else did.

No one else reads this blog like I do.

That’s true; it is a part of your job description after all.

Job description. I have a job description?

You have a dog; you can have a job description. Blimey, you can have a bike if you like.

I would.


Like a bike.

There you go, you now have a bike.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. You now have a bike, a dog, three brothers, a museum and a job description.

Ah, now that’s what I noticed, the Mue.

It’s beautiful.

Yes, that’s true, but you seem to know more about it than I do.


Yes, you mentioned the fourth floor.

The fabled fourth floor!

It’s my Mue, and I didn’t know there was a fourth floor!

Maybe you should get out and about a bit more. It has a back room too.

A back room, how do you know this?

I opened the door.

Which door?

The one where the pane of glass is about to fall out because the putty has all dried up.

What’s in there?

Nothing, it will fall out I tell you.

No, in the back room.

A washbasin, it looks like there has been some recent artistic activity therein.

Anything else?

A washing line with someone’s smalls hanging out to dry.


They look Australian.

I’m not sure you should we wandering around un-accompanied like that.

I was with someone.




The architect - follow the link - it was he that pointed out the potentially falling pane of glass.

Did he have a ticket?

Are you selling tickets?

No, they are free, but you have to pick them up in the reception and you need them for the special exhibits room. And smalls should be in the special exhibit's room.

The special exhibits room, where’s that?

The fifth floor.

There’s a fifth floor?!!?

Ah, see, I know more than you!

If I said there’s a sixth floor, I’d know more than YOU!

There is no sixth floor.

There is no fifth floor!!

There is!


Is! Through the trap door on the fourth floor!

The trap door?

Ha! See, I DO know more.

How do you get through the trap door?

You need a chair.

Do you have a chair?

Yes, but the Mue’s closed today.





Christ! I’ve invited friends to visit.

They can go to the annexe, that’s open.

Where is the annexe?

Follow me, and take this, we need to hang it on the wall.   

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