Saturday 15 April 2017

Moi non-plus.

madrid/another time

I’ve got a great idea for next year!



That’s good, but you know I won’t be here.

You won’t be here?

No, I’ll be in Scotland.


Yep, Bob’s asked me to pop up and help with the archives.

You’re kidding.

He says he’s overwhelmed.

How can he be overwhelmed, he’s got the twins helping him?

Apparently not.

He’s married to one of them.

Apparently not.

Apparently not? What do you mean?

Under Scottish law if you marry a twin on a Thursday and live in an old railway cartridge and work in a secret place behind a hidden waterfall the marriage is automatically annulled unless you give a goat to a rabbi who has a sister in Palestine.

This can’t be true.

And the sister has to be a virgin.


And have a beard.

You’re making this up.

The whole bloody blog is made up, why question it now?

No it’s not, there’s a lot of stuff herein that is irrefutable.



I think you need to say hereon.

There’s no E.


There’s no A either.

You’re not making sense.

Heron. There’s no E. No A either.

Why are we talking about Herons?

You started it.

I didn’t.

Did too.



That’s better.

No it isn’t.



I’m going to miss you.

Moi non plus!

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