Tuesday, 28 February 2017



Well that was strange.


I was a bit surprised.

I was gobsnapped.

Gobsnapped, don’t you mean gobsmacked?

Depends, what are we talking about exactly.

The post, Saturday.

What about it?

Didn't you look at the statistics?

What statistics?

The ones that tell you how many people have looked at the posts.

I don’t need to look at statistics to know that, no one looks at the posts.

Well, that’s not what the statistics say.

What do the statistics say? And where are they?

Here. There.


Well usually the statistics say that there have been ‘about’ ten views of the post.

Including me.


Yes, I look t them, keeps me from feeling lonely.

Oh. Ok, ‘about’ ten, you included.

Sometimes I look twice.

It doesn’t matter. Ten is about it. Sometimes, rarely, we have had twenty views.

I was busy.

But look! Look at Saturday’s post and the number of views!


I know!

It wasn’t me.

I know!

What happened?

You wrote ‘Oscar’ and La La Land.

That did it?

I think.

Not Pablo? I wrote that too.

Maybe, but I think it was ‘Oscar’ and ‘La la Land’ and the timing.

People will have been disappointed.


They were probably looking for some in-depth arty criticism.


I wonder if they clicked on ‘Do the French Fart?’, that’s in-depth.

I doubt it.

Hey, we wrote ‘Oscar’ and ‘La La Land’ again, do you think it will happen again?

It might. You wrote Pablo too.

I know an Oscar, lives in the city.

We should probably write Donald Trump too, see if that gets any.

I know a Donald.



I can’t trump that.

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