Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Sad State.

Brick Lane london/Before Referendum

Ah, England. It still feels like Home.

We’re here then?


And you think it feels like Home with all these things that are going on, Brexit and all that shit?
Did you vote in the Referendum?

I wasn’t allowed to.

Doesn’t it directly affect you?

Absolutely, but this ‘Home’ to which you refer is not very democratic.

It pretends to be.

That’s Bullshit….. well…….. not the pretending bit – the democratic bit.

Still it’s home, isn’t it?

Not sure anymore, I’ll tell you later after a bit of exploring. I’m expecting to meet angry crowds ready to stone me ‘cos I’m driving a French car.

Home is where the heart is.

No heart. Not very evident anyhow.

What was it you said once before?

It wasn’t me, I was quoting, but it was – ‘Home is where they take you in.’

Not much of that either?

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