Thursday, 12 January 2017

The Catalogued Eclair.

London Town/Pre-2015

I like the way you did that.

Did what?

Finished that piece.

Which piece?

The one about Gwelvin.

Gwelvin Stokes?

Do you know any other Gwelvins?

Fair point. What did you like about it?

The way you let bubble.

Couple of days, I was having trouble with the end.

After the éclair?


Are you happy with it now?

I am, I had to sleep on it, run on it and put the right music on.

Gregory Porter. Do you think it influenced it?

Subconsciously yes.

Troubled love?

Something like that.

When will we see it?

Well, I submitted it to the Archives for cataloguing.

Next year then?

Not before.

Let’s do it.


Giuseppe Grossi said...

Gwelvin? I will have to look that name up

servo stroke volume (EPA), was added 12 channels to set the ratio 3, added: neutral ... Thank you for the warning gwelvin! No, not that one.

Gwelvin a écrit: ...c'est juste une torche derrière un nuage de vapeur :wink: une des torches .... Pistard two-stroke ONLY & vélivole

Getting warmer? I will have to look back at recent postings.

Hello Topper: happy 2017 to you and your kin

popps said...

And a happy New year to youuussss too.
Now, i may have got the name wrong, i saw it written on a gate.
All will be as fear, as mud, NEXT year:-)

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