Saturday, 31 December 2016

An Ending and a Quiz of The Year in a Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy (2016) 31.

You would think that a Bitsnbobs Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy would eventually - after a hesitant start - fall into place and start writing itself.

But here i am - December 28th - still trying to work out how it should go between what's been posted up to now (28) and what finishes it all (31).

So i'm trawling through digital mp3 size notes - thinking er, hum, er, hum.

Then i think  - ok let's sort out 31. What have we got?


Oh - also a Quiz of The Year 2016!

40 questions - all song titles to find from image and caption in past posts of the year, except two film titles (one in the body of the text), a(n) historic event and a cake to find.


Just click on the label (quiz of the year 2016) at the foot of this post to open the relevant posts.


Jan 31 Midnight.

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