Thursday, 29 December 2016

A banjo in A Christmas Musical Advent Calendar Thingy (2016) 29

We've had an accordion in the Bitsnbobs Musical Christmas Advent Calendar Thingy - version 2016 - but we haven't had much banjo.

If we don't NO ONE will message in and say - 'where's the banjo?'

If we DO - no one will message in and say 'where's the banjo?

Either way, we should.


Mary said...

Bela Fleck is amazing!

Just a quick note about the musical selections for this year's Advent Musical Thingy. It has been a bit somber which mirrors the kind of year it has been. Not a lot of Xmas, more winter really.

As an aside -- I've found that after listening to the featured AMThingy I let the it [YouTube] play the next selections in the queue and enjoy the music while I am working at my computer. For instance, right now, after Bela's piece, I am listening to Coltrane's My Favourite Things. It's like having a someone choose a playlist for you filled with unexpected gems. Who knows what's up next?

Thanks Chris -- and wishing all a happy, safe, caring, purposeful and musical 20-17!


popps said...


We had Louis Armstrong/Kacey Musgraves/Bob Dylan/The Jive Turkeys/ and, and .....
Bit somber.

I blame Nick Cave.

Mary said...


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