Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Titanium Bar.


Man in the bar said he was from South Africa and that he mined Titanium.

His wife said she was from Kiev.

Then again, they also said that Mick Jagger was in the bar next-door singing with his mates, and that his mate looked a lot like Keith Richards and he was with his daughter.

And that the daughter looked a bit out of it…..

The restaurant I was in - next door to the bar next-door - was in France.

The Stones were due to play – and subsequently played - in Las Vegas the following night, and he was telling me this around about midnight.

The night before……

Not sure that I should believe him.

Especially because he said MIKE Jagger.

No one calls him that do they?

Not even if you are a Titanium miner from South Africa but only live there because in fact you are….. hang on……

Don’t think he said.

I could ask my dinner companion, she spoke more than I did.

But she hasn’t answered two mails I’ve sent her since, saying thank you - as well as asking if she thought it was a load of shull-bit.

That was a Spoonerism.

Possibly the first on this blog.

By the way – if you don’t already know The Stones are realising a new album on December 2nd.

Christmas is coming…..

Concerning the restaurant I ordered the fish.

Chose the lemony creamy cake thingy for dessert.

My companion had the set menu.

Better value – with or without the Stones.


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