Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Soft is as Soft is.

softly, softly

I’m home; I’ve fed the cats.

I’ve changed my top – I’ve added my favourite shirt and put slippers on my feet.

A Miles Davis album is on the turntable and playing.

I have a glass of Red wine.

Kind of Blue.

The album; not necessarily me.

Night fell a while ago; I had to stop on the way home for this and that.

I’ve lit a candle.


There is mail to attend to; some for me, some not.

Stories in the post; i'll save them.

I need to make supper.

Salad perhaps?


The day fades.

Another time begins.


Soft jazz.

A cat sits next to me.


Candle light.


int/84 (i've counted)

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