Friday, 4 November 2016

Everything's Going To be Alright.

no feet today:-(

The Ferris-wheel made from thin, rusty and twisted wire is not in my bag; it’s in my hand.

My camera is.

It is only two photos heavier than when I set out, here is one of them.

It would be good to put the Ferris-wheel in the camera case – it is fragile and the case will provide protection.

But then I will have to carry the camera.

So… what IS in this bag?

My note-book, and Michelle’s e-mail address, which was not when I started out early this morning.

And it WAS early; I had risen at four.

My glasses are in the bag – I should put them on so that I can see what I am writing.

And see what lies within.

Two pairs of socks – a gift – and a t-pot.


The socks are white, sort of.

The t-pot is green.

There’s a shirt – it is green too, and it’s also a gift.

For me!

Two games – they are for work.

There’s an owl- that looks like a pair of scissors.

Or maybe it’s a pair of scissors that looks like an owl.

Difficult to say.

There’s a cricket ball and a London phone box Christmas decoration; you never know when you might need either.

Two new CDs – I promised myself; Dusty – heard them here first and Ulrich Schnauss.

Four vintage pages of illustrated sheet music – including ‘coming in on a wing and a prayer’ – I’ve been rummaging in the flea market, and a bar of chocolate.

The bar of chocolate is for you.

It has a message on the wrapper.

one of those archive blockage interrupts again.

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