Monday, 28 November 2016

Avoiding the Void.

her hood

My daughter is driving; I’m sitting in the back.


It’s raining.

She switched the windscreen wipers on without asking; she knows what to do.

She’s independent.

I’m relaxed, I feel confident.

Yes, sure, I helped her learn to drive - but now I’m a passenger.

She doesn’t need me.

I need her.

She’s playing her CD – a playlist she put together before we set out.

It’s ok.


I need my music if I’m driving, but I’m not and this music I can filter out as I write.

Maybe it helps.

OOOOOh Baaaaaby.

It’s night, the road is black, the sky too – we are following the white line.

There is nothing else.

A void.

In fact this ‘music’ is perfect.


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