Wednesday, 19 October 2016

An Exercise in Style - A Bitsnbobs October (2016) Mini-Series( List).

exercise in style 19

Queneau - French bloke, wrote a book, inspired me. I've explained it all here.

 Day 19 List.

   1.     The old man was found on the floor outside the neighbour’s front door.
   2.     He was wearing a woollen hat.
   3.     It was cold.
   4.     He was covered with a blanket to prevent further heat loss.
   5.     During an interview he mumbled something incoherent about a bottle.
   6.     He used the plural form ‘we’.
   7.     The front door to the residence was unlocked.
   8.     On investigation it was discovered that the old man had been inside the house.
   9.     He appeared to have been drinking wine.
  10. A broken bottle lay on the floor.
  11. The old man was taken to the police station where he was later detained.
  12. Charges were filed.
  13. There was significant property damage to the garden and the kitchen table.


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