Friday, 16 September 2016

The Unexpected Orange.

partial tonight

Overnight, orange trees appeared alongside the ring road.

Some were heavy with fruit, and the scent of orange blossom covered exhaust fumes.

Motorists stuck in traffic helped themselves to the sweet citrus that they could reach through their open windows.

A duck stood on the wet pavement of the industrial estate.

It was raining gently.

Alice stood across the road from her house where the lights of the kitchen comforted her family as they sat eating breakfast.

A black cat sat on the windowsill watching her.

She was waiting for the bus to take her to school, but she would be happier to go somewhere else; she had even bothered to take a bag.

She was wearing black, she was almost invisible in the shadows of the trees under the street light.

A car stopped.

She got in.

She didn’t know the driver, she would get to know him as they drove together over the bridge where they could look down on the cars as they didn’t move and their drivers feasted on the unexpected oranges.

It was Friday.

A new day.

A new beginning.



Giuseppe Grossi said...

Hi Topper.

Hope you are well.

Am worried about those ducks - a l'orange.
And Alice... was lustenming to radio Four Archive Hour where they looked back on the Office of Communication Safety films.
Alice got into the car: stranger danger? Where was Tufty? Green Cross Man, where were you?
Alice doesn't live here any more - not in this chapter.

I'm all nervous now...

popps said...

Don't be nervous - like i just said.... ice cream.

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