Monday, 12 September 2016

The Ancient Queen of Kilburn.

for a nosy parker....

At the back of the house is a purple dais, facing the garden and the evening sun. Here Cleopatra can lay, and her maidens will fan her with the branches of palms that do not grow here.

For this in Kilburn, London, England.

The maidens are only partly dressed, in yellow

All have long black hair, jagged from an uneven cut but their skin is fairer than the queen’s.

One among them is feline, she moves with the power and grace of the strongest cat.

She will be the future queen

You cannot come here by the stairs; the dais has to be turned from within by those who know.

The floor is carpeted and it too is purple, but the walls are pink.

There is no smell of tobacco that greets you, even though the Queen smokes, the fumes are banished from her side.

There is only beauty.

Nothing can resist.

The queen is old but the memory of what she offers is stronger.


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