Tuesday, 27 September 2016

7a.m - a murder mystery (part two)


part one

I’m sorry, I don’t normally talk like that; I might think it sometimes in a moment of wild rage but the feeling passes quickly. I’ve had time to calm down, I’ve had a coffee so my system is alive and I had a shower. Not in that order if I’m precise, but if you want precise you should read a dictionary. 

In the shower I used the green citrus and ginger body scrub – I’ve no idea who left that there, maybe Sarah – and boy does that wake you up. A dab in the genital area and I feel more excitement than I have for a long time, ever since Marty died. We’ll get to that in time. Right now I’m on the train heading for the coast and I have one hour to fill you in.

I live in the city, have done so all my life but my dream has me being able to see the sea from my front step. I don’t have the sea in the city, I don’t even have a front step. My flat is on the third floor and the step belongs to Maude the old woman who lives on the ground floor. She’s not the owner of course; she never owned anything in her life except the piano in the front room. She can’t paly it mind, and she certainly can’t sing but last night – the same as every Saturday night – she comes in drunk and starts singing like there is no tomorrow. Which is what it feels like if you are trying to sleep. 

The Irish lads in the middle flat call it raucous and roll and it just about sums it up. They don’t care anyhow, they drink themselves into a stupor every night and sleep ‘till the foreman bangs on the door to take them to the building site.

And that leaves me the top floor.

I can see the park from my window, if I stand on the bannisters and use a mirror; I guess an estate agent would describe it as ‘overlooking an environmental oasis’. I don’t know about that but I saw a hedgehog in there once, and someone was trying to feed it dog food. It probably ended up murdered too.....


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