Saturday 27 August 2016

Some are/Some Aren't 22.

The world’s a weird place isn’t it?

You may have noticed.

This blog’s a pretty weird place too.

You may have noticed.

Maybe not.

Maybe today is the first day you popped in.

Maybe it’s not.

So I think I should explain.

Right now – August – we’re doing a sort of
summer playlist called, as it should be – Some Are/Some Aren’t.

This in itself is a reference back to an ad
campaign run by Guinness back in the olden days (before the internet remembers).

Summer Pints/Some Aren’t.

The idea of these posts, originally, was to
have an inspirational break and just post a series of tuneful ditties, and
suggest that the Editorial staff here at Bitsnbobs had gone on holiday.

An ‘inspirational break’ here means a
creative recharge of batteries slightly drained.

Like all initiatives – good or bad – on
these pages  (yes there are other pages),
the idea was half boiled and the Editorial Staff have remained at their posts
slaving away - whilst the rest of the world holidays (more or less) – adding
text to sound.

Hopefully, the eyes and ears get to be
treated together.

And guess what!?

Apparently – according to one of our
fiercest critics in the comments – the much aligned (and we say that
deliberately without an M) Editorial Staff succeeded in this aim, Wednesday

Ok, one success in several years of
slogging and blogging away is not excessively celebratory but….

What the hell!

We were so surprised we took a holiday a couple of days!

int (in a sa/sa) 64


London Joe said...

Summer pints, sum aren't; some are 'olidays.
(There was a billboard campaign which read: "Summer pints (some are bottles)"

Hello, loverley chum.

Don't know what I clicked when I open this, but suddenly it was Hallowe'en 2012 and you were with an old man who puilled a dictionary of out a bin. Yer canna stop a Topper.

Waning crescent moon is on the left of the page: that is a olittle triste.
But I am excited to know what Juno probe saw of Jupiter today... I expect the pictures will be on the radio. I shall be sure to listen in black and white.

I am playing two music gigs tomorrow at The Hertford Music Festival and, after a good rehearsal this afternoon, I am looking forward to it.

Look after your uch aligned ditorials in case you get irritable vowel syndrom - there goes another on

See you... but till then,

tara chuck, Joe

popps said...

Giussepe, me old fruitcake!

I DID mention the ad in the text - but you are showing your age if you too remember it:-)
Good news for the Hereford Festival though i'd say - you that is, not the ad.

that they're getting you...

if you follow...

a hard one to....

keep well
our crosses will path

popps said...

Hey Joe, i just clicked on the picture that says "one of these" and found the old man at the bins too!
And he's got a ticket stub to a film you and i saw together at the NFT!!
Small world.

London Joe said...

Which film? That is just a little spooky, daddio...

popps said...

Not spookey, nice co-incidence:-)
Spookey is my cat.

here's what it says - " an old ticket for the “It Always Rains on Sunday” screening at the British Film Institute"

London Joe said...

Thw wartime film... Googie Withers, yes...