Monday, 29 August 2016

Some Are, Some Aren't 24.

At their beginning there are three; at their end only one remains.

The first is white, white as a sheet. Some people say she is scared but she doesn't feel that way. She is a virgin - of course -but she is wise in a way that is difficult to believe. She has travelled far, the lines on her face bear testament to her wisdom. Like all virgins she is open to possibility, like all wise women she demands respect. This must be no one-night stand. Ritual is all important, start as we mean to start, continue thus and finish only if the ending is clear.

The second is black, black as this font. Some say he is hard, others see him as soft - it's a matter of perspective after all. But he too has seen all of this before; maybe not this place exactly, nor this time, but another much like her. He will leave his mark and she will whisper his name. H.B.

The third, the tale, their tale, is old; their tale is brand new.

It's a tale of love retold.

The two meet - hesitant at first, nervous, unsure if this time is the right time.

The second time they meet, something is different; a confidence exists where only fear lay before.

And then that confidence becomes strength, fear is only the price they have to be prepared to pay.

Flight i sonly possible if you are prepared to fall, love is only possible if you accept loss.

They are both prepared to loose, so they love. She whispers his name again, he whispers hers. Blanche.

He tells her he loves her, she promises the same and together they grow old together. Their world has no limit anymore. One day it seems as if they have always been there, like words on a page.

In a story.

Which in the end, is all that remains.

int (in a sa/sa) 66

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