Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Some Are, some Aren't 20

Edward is a gardener, he plants things and watches them grow.

He likes that.

But that's it.

You can plant flowers, pick fruit, mow the
lawn and even trim the hedges but it will only ever make you a gardener.

Never will it help you understand the ways
of the human heart.

But don’t worry, a heart surgeon will fare
no better when it comes to love.

Technique, you see, is only technique and
when it comes to matters of passion technique can only take you so far.

What is needed to succeed is artistry.

The museum is an art museum, the exhibit s

Edward is standing in front of a display of
the master’s ceramic plates.

Edward is impressed.

He admires the variation.

He hasn’t seen the umbrella yet.

The umbrella is in the corner of the room
on the opposite side from the plates and he will only see it when he turns.

The plates are colourful; the umbrella is
blue grey.

It look’s like a man’s umbrella; it is

Jemma is in the Ladies.

She is crying.

For the moment she has forgotten about her

She remembers this morning when the rain
was falling and everything else was still ok.

She remembers the text she received as she
was passing the steps of the museum.

She remembers the pain it caused and her
first tears that fell among the grey puddles.

She had run into the museum, it seemed a
good place to cry and she knew the toilets would provide paper to drown her

Now she is leaving the cubicle where she
had taken refuge, and she considers her make up in the mirror.

She does her best to fix it.

Then she reaches for her umbrella that she
expects to find next to her, but of course it is not there.

Edward turns now and sees the umbrella for
the first time. For a moment he is confused, mistaking it for an exhibit; perhaps
it is part of Pablo’s Blue Period.

He walks towards it.

Jemma leaves the toilet, remembering that
she had left the umbrella in between Girl Before The Mirror and Reading The
Letter,  S
he knows something about art.

They meet by the umbrella and look at each

Edward notes that Jemma’s eyes are blue,
and beautiful.

Jemma notices that Edward’s are too.

int (in a sa/sa) 62

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