Thursday, 11 August 2016

Some Are, Some Aren't 10.

You invited me.

Why there I don’t know, but it had to start somewhere.

You were shopping, I waited by the exit – I think I dozed.

Then I moved to the aisle where the water is shelved, we would probably need water – everyone does.

When you finally appeared you looked stunning; you had cut your hair.

I complimented.

You smiled.

You laughed.

Your eyes danced.

You were wearing blue.


I’m not sure that we stayed there after that, or if just the there dissolved and there was only you.

You were still with me when I woke.

Even though I was alone.

I left the house also alone, yet you were still alongside.

You have been here all day.

It hasn’t been easy.

It never is.


a/b (in a sa/sa) 114

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