Wednesday, 6 July 2016

One Cool watch (white) -A Character Study


He likes her so he is trying to seem cool.

She’s not buying it.

They are talking about conforming.

She doesn’t.

Never has.

She’s a rebel.

He likes her.

So he’s trying to appear cool.

Seem, appear, it’s all the same.

She says she wears her watch on her left arm because everyone else wears it on the right, and she doesn’t want to conform.

He wears his on the right; he thought everyone wore theirs on the left.

And he didn’t want to conform.

He points this out.

The right/left thing.

Not the bit about him trying to appear cool.

They agree to look again.

He did, the next morning - in the post office. There were seven.; four on the left hand, two without, himself withstanding.

It’s not a conclusive survey.

He checked the people on the motorway whose arms he could see holding the steering wheel.

Two, left.

Then he forgot he was doing it.

A guy walks past.
He wears it on his left.

He’s cool.

Maybe she’s cool; she just conforms.

He doesn’t care anymore.

Sometimes he wonders what it would be like to lie next to her and touch her naked wrist with his lips.


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