Friday, 1 July 2016

Need a Title Here - haven't got one.

none of the above were directly involved

The police were there already.

They weren’t doing anything, just waiting and intimidating but it was stupid to pull up where we did; we just hadn’t noticed them.

We weren’t, after all is said and done, criminals.

Still, it was stupid to step outwith the half empty wine bottle.

We hadn’t been drinking; we needed a better container and we figured the shop could provide one; and then it was too late to drive on.

The police checked the tyres (editorial note t).

And then they decided to go over, through and under the van with a fine tooth comb.

Why not? The tyres were not good, and we were young and messy.

We weren’t outlaws, just poor; we would have changed the tyres once the next pay-check came.

We were citizens, good ones at that.

Full of peace and love?

Still, I thought about phoning in a bomb threat to get them off our backs.

Lucky I woke up about there.



Mary said...

Title suggested:

PS -- I really am a very old hippy!!!!


popps said...

Than you Mary, the past is just a goodbye.
p.s. - I knew! (takes one to...)

Giuseppe Grossi said...

Copper v. Topper

popps said...

Oooooh Giuseppe ... the editorial office is hiring.

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