Saturday, 16 July 2016

Cheese and Onion or Salt and Vinegar.

probably NOT a gibbous.

“Did you hear about that Pillinger guy?” Jack was sitting in the pub when he said this and he didn’t think anyone was listening.

“Who?” It was Mary that answered. Mary! Mary never spoke to him, never. This confused Jack and he didn’t know how to proceed so he picked up his pint and stared at his own reflection.

“Penny for your thoughts,” she was still talking to him and he blushed.

This couldn’t be real, she was Charlie’s girl, always had been, ever since high school but he couldn’t say what he was thinking. How can you tell your best friend’s girl that you think she is beautiful, that Friday evening when you get to sit near her in this crappy pub is the highpoint of the week?

“Yeah, Pillinger,” he mumbled, “he died last week.”

“What you two talking about?” It was Charlie, even if he was his best friend he could be annoying sometimes.

“Pillinger. The guy who wanted to go to Mars”.

“Why would anyone want to go to Mars, it’s all rock and dust, ain’t no rock ‘n roll eh?” and Charlie lent forward and kissed Mary.

Something happened inside Jack, a sort of twang. It started just above his knees then made him feel sick before exploding inside his head just behind his eyes; they were blue and now they were watering.

Even though Mars was probably where Jack wanted to be right this moment and even though she was kissing Charlie, Mary’s eyes were open and she noticed that blue.

Charlie came up for air, looked around and asked; “where’s Bob? It’s his round”

“It’s all right, I’ll get them”, offered Jack standing up and shuffling to the bar, some things he didn’t need to watch.

Mary noticed this too.

“Anyone want some crisps?”, she asked standing up, “I’m starving”.

“Yeah, get me some cheese and onion, did you know it’s the number one most popular choice?”, Charlie was well-read.

“Not salt and vinegar?” it was Bob.

“Where were you, you cheap bastard? It was your round”

“I was outside looking at the Moon, you know it’s a Gibbous tonight?”


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