Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bolts and Butterflies.


I’m going to make a ratatouille today – it will have onion, courgette, tomato  and one of those long green pepper things that are sitting over there next to the packets of coffee and the washing up gloves.

But I’m not going to say anything about it.

Instead I want to mention Usain Bolt and the butterflies.

Usain Bolt is appearing in a television ad at the moment – I saw him last night in between a recording of The Big Kahuna and the highlights of the day’s Tour de France racing.

I can’t recall what he was advertising – expensive running shoes maybe – but I do remember that the essence of the ad was  - what can you do in 9.58 seconds?

Other than break the 100 meter world record that is.

My own running shoes are not that expensive but I did go onto the treadmill in the shoe shop to help an expert measure my gait and foot balance needs.

The shoes he recommended turned out to be a little pricier than the ones from the supermarket that they replaced, but considering that they have now offered me three years of muscle-tear -free runs, here, there and most places I’ve been during that time, I’m not complaining.

My time for the 100 minutes is different too, though I once held the school record at 14 for the 200 meters.

I can confidently say I’m not quite as fast.

But i ran today.

I try most days.

I’ve done that.

I haven’t done that.

I know my running speed.

Today I tried to race them.

It’s butterfly.


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