Sunday, 5 June 2016

Time For a postcard 5.

from a down escalator looking up

If you go to Naples, someone will likely say - ‘you should visit the most beautiful metro station in the world’.

Maybe two people.

The second of these will be sitting next to you at a table in the oldest pizza place in the world.


On the table will be a Margarita or a Marinara.

Your neighbour will have chosen a Margarita with Doppio Mozzarella.

Two people clearly constitute an avalanche of opinion, so you will go to the metro.

In the metro you will want to buy a ticket because the most beautiful bit might be on the other side of the barrier where you can’t see it.

As you try to understand the map on the wall a policeman will step over and hand you a folded up version, smile and say something in Italian.

It will sound beautiful.

The city itself will sound noisy.

With a capital N.

Oh, and you might prefer not to choose to drive anywhere.


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