Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Time For a Postcard 14.


On the website it says that the ferry leaves at 22.15.

On my ticket it says the ferry leaves at 22.15.

That’s good.

I get an e-mail – ‘we are very sorry; your ferry scheduled to leave at 16.05 has been re-scheduled to leave at 20.00.

That’s weird.

I get to the terminal at 17.00.

I considered it an acceptable compromise between the 16 and the 20.

The ferry leaves at 22.45.

It’s ok.

I’m in the restaurant.

Sharing a chocolate desert.

In the middle of the night the ferry stops at Porte Flores.

Some people get off, some get on.

Sleepers wake, for a moment.

Announcements are announced; doors are slammed.

Then they sleep again.

Their cabins are comfortable.

The engines hum, the hull creaks.

All this is good.


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