Saturday, 18 June 2016




Holidays can be about that.

Today was one.

Started with a  bath.

Then the radio.

Then swimming.

Then The Swimmer – Burt Reynolds.

Then allegorical tales.

Then Plato.

I’m exhausted.

int/41 then


Mary said...

I posted a comment but it hasn't shown up so here I go again --

I think it was Burt Lancaster in that memorable movie.

Also, just wanted to wish all of the Dads a Happy Father's Day which is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June here. My Pops is Tops and 92.


popps said...

Ah - i thoink, think even, you might be right! I think, thoink even, i had a Burt moment there - got my Burtnals crossed.
And talking of Dad's - my dad was a Bert.
And i'm pretty sure you're dad thinks you're tops too.
And what i want to know is if you have SEEN the movie, i've just read the short story on which it is based and i am intrigued.

Mary said...

I think the movie has a cult following. It's hard to forget.

An improbable and quirky little tale -- perhaps allegorical, and a bit dystopian. I have not read the story it is based on. It plays every once in a while late at night or on Saturday afternoon on "classic" movie channels. I found it disturbing when I first saw it as a teenager - the burbs -- as one long backyard pool party -- it's the 60's but a lot of 50's holdover. I think it came out around the same as time as The Graduate which, as I recall at the time, felt modern, new and fresh. Burt was about 55 years old when he played the part. Here is the trailer that will give you a sense:

You should see it if you can. Here is an article in The Guardian that explains it better than I can:


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