Saturday, 25 June 2016

Black Friday.

important like a mountain

I don’t think any racists read my blog – I am after all foreign, a migrant and pretty weird all round – so I don’t think Mr Whatshisname from Clacton would mind me talking about him.

Unfortunately I can’t do him any real justice today as I can’t find the exact quote that was printed in the rolling news report yesterday, neither his actual name.

But basically he said, “ I’m not a racist but I moved to Clacton because there are just too many foreigners and Dagenham had become a foreign Country.”

I’ve spent a day rigorously analysing every one of those 16 words (contracted forms not withstanding) to see which part of what he is saying is NOT racist.

I can only assume that he was misquoted.

Negatively speaking.

Back in the 70’s when Britain needed Rock Against Racism to get people to wake up I went and saw a show on Clapham Common.

There was one performer who came on and in a strong parody of entertainers in general bellowed out happily – “anyone here tonight not from England?”

A few people bellowed back enthusiastically –“yo!”

To which the performer bellowed back “well fuck off!”

The audience laughed.

“Anyone here tonight not from London?”


“Well fuck off!”

The audience laughed.

“Anyone here tonight who’s not from Clapham?”


“Well fuck off!”

The audience laughed.

“Anyone here tonight who’s not me?”

The audience bellowed back as one –“YES!”

“Well fuck off!”

We laughed then.

We’re not laughing today.


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