Thursday, 12 May 2016

Selcinorhc (Gninnigeb)

step right up

Good luck.
Goodnight, goodbye.
Yes, at least we have that.
Are you going to Wembley?
Soft goals.
What happened?
We’re Manchester United fans.
You don’t seem happy?
Were you at the match?
This tube line comes from West Ham; these men have been to the match - they have commemorative programmes, but they don’t seem happy.
I didn’t even know what a bag point is.
I hate technology.
Bye, I love you.
7 minutes, no there’s one now.
We weren’t very good in there were we?
Place your item on the bag point.
Let me carry that bag.
I feel weird.
And no words.
You’re right it was all yellow before.
They all say Master Chief 2015.
They’ve all been voted ‘best’.
And three spoons.
If I have more than that you’ll make me sit for an hour afterwards and I’ll get bored.
Only a soup?
For three.
We have to top up, bye.
We need to eat.
There used to be a Bambi here.
Let’s not talk about that.
It’s been years!
The lift opens, a woman stands there – I think she is a Maasai Warrior with nightness-dark skin, and the brightest pink lipstick possible. I am tall; she makes me look like a dwarf. The lift is not strong enough to hold her.
That was really good. Well done.
Ok, that’s the best you’ve done it, goodbye.
Yes but you are not meant to have seen them yet.
Are they for me?
Inside or outside – here she is.
Five minutes, we’re going to make it.
The chance was when we were on the train at 2; we would have been early.
No, we’ll be late.
Look at the golden women.
Let’s walk through Soho.
I know.
It’s real mosaic.
Let’s just look in the window of the junk shop – ooooh, an Elvis Lamp.
So this is where you’ve been running.
Ah – we’re going this way.
She was fast then?
At the track there was a woman in full body veil. She was doing sit ups and then running. It was like chasing a black Dalek.


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