Saturday, 23 April 2016

Much added to, to do about nothing.

a Pablo by any other name



I don’t know, but the blog feels pressurised to address Shakespeare.

Mr W. Shakespeare/care of the Cottage/ Stratford.

There you go.

It’s tough having a blog sometimes when the blog tries to be a Daily AND the blog is trying to unclog a backlog in theArchives.

What to do?

I think the blog handled the conflict quite well yesterday.

Although it was subtle.

You had to search.

Of course the blog could interrupt itself and post something pithy.

So that leaves the search team to struggle through the backlog for something that has a shakespeare-ish touch.

Guess what?



There was a poem.

But it got added to.

It will do.

Much added to, to do about nothing.


My knees,
Unlike Bees,
Ain’t Buzzing.
They’re Fussing !
On stairs, cussing !
I should’ve gone to yoga.
Or done less pogo,
When i was a kid.

Arms too short,
Legs too long,
Hair on my head
Already gone !

My nose.
And grows !
It’s immense !
In common parlence,
Spoils the view !
From these eyes, not blue.

My bum,
Sticks out for fun !
It’s an enigma !
You get the picture..
A conundrum !


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